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Welcome to Northern Michigan’s Art Destination.

A Special Place…

Michigan is home to many world class artisans and Artists North is dedicated to providing them a unique space to work and sell their “art”. Visitors will find art galleries, unique gifts, listen to lectures, take art classes, watch artists at work, and find nature while strolling the 5-acre complex. If you are inspired to do so, come join us as a Friend of Artists North. Your contribution helps us support artisans where they need it most.

Our Mission

“To support, educate and inspire artists…”

Artists North broadens the definition of “art” to include any skill-sets that cultivates and inspires creativity and personal growth.

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Artists North

Artists North sits on approximately 5-acres of land six miles south of Charlevoix, Michigan near Norwood. To the west, one sees expansive views of Lake Michigan, the Fox Islands, Leelanau, North Manitou and gorgeous sunsets, and to the east, sweeping views of rolling hills as far as Boyne Mountain. The land is contiguous with 148 acres of land donated by Betty Hoffman to Tillers International.

Artists North will work to develop the 5-acre land in thoughtful, meaningful ways to implement sustainable revenue that supports its Members, the mission builds a supportive community audience.

Artists North is committed to developing a sustainable model to support Michigan artisans and work to create a thriving, working Art Community – a Center where artisans can be inspired, learn, work, teach, sell their art, and grow through creative programs. This unique concept will help build a stronger art audience by strategically integrating Michigan artisans, galleries and business organizations through out-of-the-box programs, designed to help build awareness for Sponsor Members, while providing an important service to the Artisans. This model leverages resources through its Sponsor Members and will ignite “fresh ideas” to expand multi-economies.

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History of Artists North

Artists North in the 1960’s

The area surrounding Inwood Corners has been home to famous artists since the mid 1800’s including two time Pulitzer Prize winner Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling, a nationally syndicated editorial cartoonist, who influenced a nation on conservation, pollution and extinction of wildlife. The late Norman Brumm, from Brumm Studios also made Norwood his home along with many others.

Today, Ray and Tammi Bier have moved forward on a vision they have had for many years, inspired by the original group of Michigan artisans who established the name Artists North. Artists North Art Center gets it’s namesake from this group who organized the first collaborative art group in the 1960’s. With a deep rooted history, the Center hopes to build on the established tradition through a mission that supports Michigan artists and build awareness of these world class artisans through a robust website, ArtistsNorth.com!

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