Our Mission

“To support, educate and inspire artists…”

Artists North broadens the definition of “art” to include any skill-sets that cultivates and inspires creativity and personal growth.

Our Mission Goals for the Artisans

Artists North’s mission goals includes providing a place to gather and congregate, exchange ideas, to be inspired, launch careers, build networks, and offer useful services that help artisans grow their business. The Center serves as a common bond and meeting point for artists, where one can sit and lounge in a comfortable chair.

  • All services will be facilitated through the Center or its Sponsor Members, uniting the art community by leveraging programs from the many art organizations, resources, and businesses Northern Michigan has to offer.
  • The Center will market its members through a signature website, ArtistsNorth.com, to an international audience and investigate unique opportunities to grow customer base.
  • A high-end quality art gallery and artisan gift shop will help support the artisans and give them a high-visibility location to sell their work.
  • The Center will offer classes, demos, programs and indoor/outdoor events that engage the public to build loyalty and lifelong audiences for the art they create.
  • The Center will focus on sustainable revenue streams and stay flexible to meet current needs and offer trendy and informational programs to the public.

Vision for the Center

A place to walk…A place to think…A place to relax…A place to create…A place to grow…A place of hope…A place that works & inspires all who visit.

Ray Bier, Visionary and Founder of Bier Art Gallery