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Inwood Gallery Charlevoix Michigan

Emily Beynon

Watercolor artist

Through Emily’s work as a Clinical Social Worker she was privileged to be present with people in their suffering, in their struggling, in their hope and in their healing.
Out of this profession Emily was given the sight to express the emotional, physical and spiritual depths of the human experience through her paintings.
Emily was raised in Ohio and spent summers in northern Michigan exploring the sights, sounds and smells of summer. She majored in studio art in Albion College and studied watercolor while enrolled in post graduate studies at Eastern Michigan University. In addition to Artists North, Emily is a member of the Crooked Tree Arts Center, and The Jordan River Arts Council.

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Karen Bradley

Crochet, Embroidery, Lacework, Knitting

Karen custom designs beautiful pieces inspired by the yarns she purchases and patterns she sees around her. She taught herself to crochet in college and has continually expanded to mastery of intricate creations in lacework, Hardanger embroidery, a Norwegian cutwork embroidery and knitting.
A Harbor Springs native, Karen earned a B.S. from Lake Superior State University in economics and a M. A. in economics from Western Michigan University. She ran her family’s grocery business for twenty years. and taught economics at several local colleges. From her Harbor Springs home, Karen can look out at the fields and woods around her as she works with her needles.

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Donna Marie Buchanan

Donna Marie Buchanan painter Artists North
Beauty in the Ephemeral. Donna Marie is drawn to painting dreams and daydreams, beautiful things that are passing away. Inspired by nature and our emotional response to it, she is most drawn to painting hands and faces. Working in mixed media on a variety of surfaces from collaged vintage papers to claybord to leaves and bark…

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Jennifer Harsha Carroll

Jennifer Carrol fused glass artists north art center
Fused glass artist, agate and Petoskey stained glass creations and mosaics, custom glass jewelry

Jennifer experiments with many glass mediums and colors to form beautiful designs for vessels, sculptures, mosaics and jewelry. She creates custom stained glass pieces combined with polished agates, Petoskeys and hand-picked Michigan stones. She has deep Charlevoix family roots and has worked as a writer and editor at several Michigan newspapers.  She recently focused on innovation in digital media and storytelling in Washington D.C., where she collaborated with creative writers, designers, videographers and photographers. She also worked as a studio glass artist and was in numerous exhibits throughout Maryland

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Joe Clark

Joe Clark Artists North resident photographer

Joe is Artists North’s resident photographer. With experience in black and white chemical photography as well as color digital, Joe will be using his knowledge to teach photography to the community through our facility. His subjects vary greatly from large scale grand landscapes to macro-photography. He offers his professional services to both private and commercial clients.

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Jay Garfinkle

American Artist, Illustrator, Art Director, Scenic, Graphic Designer, Laserist

Jay recently made northern Michigan his home. Relocating from the Sierra Mountains, he brings with him a unique style described as surrealism with a twist. Jay has been creating unique works of art since childhood. His experiences range from Visual Effects Animator, Choreographer, Inventor, Art and Photography Restoration Specialist and Picture Framer. Jay has embraced the lushness and beauty of Northern Michigan and has already captured that spirit in his recent work.

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Kathie Libert

Excellent plein-aire painter including oil, acrylic, watercolor, Photographer, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Writer

Kathie and her twin sister started drawing and painting at a very young age and later, she applied her talents to graphic design, creating logos and marketing communications materials for consumer and corporate customers. She owned her own marketing communications firm for over 16 years in the Washington DC Metro area and is now concentrating on what she loves most – plein-aire painting. She has taught Illustration, Watercolor and Oil classes and loves all subject matter. She and her husband Steve recently made Charlevoix their home.

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Judy Mekkes

I started sewing when I was eight years old and still enjoy making my grandchildren dresses, doll clothes, and PJ’s. Five years ago, after retiring from teaching elementary art, I began using my sewing skills and my need to create to make landscape quilts. I have four or five different methods of creating the landscapes. My mind used to see everything in terms of how to create things I saw into art projects for my students. Now everything I see becomes an art quilt in my mind. I am constantly thinking, how can I manipulate the fabric to make it look like what I’m seeing. My latest fun has been making landscape quilts that feature pictures of our grandchildren quilted into the scene. I feel a lot of joy and satisfaction in creating the wall hangings and have a real passion for continuing to create them. I hope you will enjoy them too.

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Charles Murphy

Painter, book illustrator, teacher

Charles Murphy has worked with over 40 galleries in his career and his artwork has found its way into innumerable private and public collections worldwide. Charles has exhibited with the American Watercolor Society and International Society of Experimental Artists. His art and illustration has graced well-known books, CD covers, calendars, wine labels, corporate reports and college text book covers. He is a valued member of arts organizations across Michigan.  In 2003 the Traverse Area Arts Council named him “Art Educator of the Year” and demand for his teaching classes continue to grow. He and his wife, Carrie, live in Traverse City.

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Peg Sandin

Bio Image Peg Sandin
Watercolor artist, award-winning teacher

Peg Sandin explores natural images she connects with. She loves the challenge of watercolor and abstracting subjects as she imagines them. Her 40-year passion for art has grown to the point that she needs to paint almost like she needs to breathe.
Peg graduated from Augustana College with a degree in music. A few years later, she realized she had a great passion for art. She has spent many years taking courses and workshops with well-known artists. She has been in numerous art exhibits, including solo exhibits, won awards, as has been featured in Midwest Living, Lake Superior Magazine, Palette Magazine. She is an experienced teacher of watercolor classes and workshops.

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Sharon Smithem

Sharon Smithem Michigan artist, aritsts north art center
Painter, glass mosaics, mixed media, sculpture, tile making

Sharon is a multi-talented woman in the arts and in her everyday life. Her motto: “My ambition is to create beauty.”After raising her family Sharon started her own business creating artwork commissioned for individual homes and businesses.  While she continues to create fine art paintings, she has explored interests in different mediums
Sharon has been in art shows and galleries through out Michigan and exhibited in the Grand Rapids “Art Prize” with her mosaics.  She is a teacher of Community Education at Kendall College of Art & Design in Grand Rapids  plus several art centers teaching classes in painting, glass mosaics, drawing, children and adult education.

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Sylvia Walworth

Sylvia Walworth artists North fiber artist
Fiber Artist

Back when I was a kid, I was in love with creating with fibers…knitting, sewing, embroidering, designing garments. I was an apprentice fiber artist. As I grew up, I continued to play with fibers, mostly making clothing. I liked being creative in a useful way. It worked for me while I was raising a family and pursuing college degrees. Gradually, my fiber art pieces began to grow in complexity, and they deepened as I completed master degrees in counseling and in art therapy. I took a host of fine arts courses, and almost before I realized what was happening I had a one woman fiber art show, I had pieces in several art galleries and had received the ” people’s choice award at juried fiber arts show. These seemed incidental happenings as I was pursing my real careers as a counselor and as an art therapist. I received numerous awards as a counselor, and for 14 years, I taught graduate courses for Oakland University on art therapy techniques. I have conducted numerous classes on composition, color, and design, and on mediation and personal growth via art therapy technique. This information seems relevant to me because it is about nurturing creativity in myself and in others. It is about letting art speak about human issues. It is about letting my art be enriched by symbol and metaphor. It about my need to really look at a flower and see it before I create a wall hanging about it. It is about my need to enhance a piece of art with whispers of painting. It is about my need to have my pieces of art tell a story or at least invite speculation. And finally it is about my love of color, composition, texture and soul.


Karen Wolffis

Metalsmith, Glass bead maker (Lampworking) , Jewelry Designer and Graphic Artist

Karen is a self taught lamp work artist and metalsmith with studios in both Arizona and Michigan. Her passion for jewelry making goes back 15 years when she first moved to Green Valley, AZ and joined the local Lapidary Club in pursuit of making silver components to enhance her lamp work beads. The clubs classes opened up a whole new world of manipulating metal through embossing. texturing and fold forming. It wasn’t long before Karen was incorporating her beautiful glass beads with silver wire and other metal components to create one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces.

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Glory Wood

Glory Wood artists north artist garwood
‘Everything I look at is a painting’. Perhaps that is why Glory Wood’s art is so versatile; no two pieces of her work are alike. Each one is a surprise, mirroring her passion for life and art. ‘When I paint, it’s an expression and celebration of my love of nature, of people and of Mother Earth herself.’ While Glory is a gifted teacher and counselor, it is in painting that she finds her ultimate inventiveness. Her work ranges from mystic water colors to impressionistic oils, from abstracts to portraits. ‘I love to approach a painting and let the spontaneity and intuitiveness flow along with the color, letting the imagery emerge from deep within.’

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Artists North Members:


Cyd Dutcher

Fused Glass Artist

Cyd’s love of color and design was her catalyst to learn the technique of fusing glass. As she studied and attended classes under world renowned fusers, her work expanded to larger sculptural pieces and tables. Cyd draws inspiration from her studio on Squaw Lake and extensive world travels. Her art has sold in numerous galleries for many years and she was in Art Prize in 2014. Recently retired, she is expanding her art, classes and commission offerings.


Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson Pet portrait painter artists north art center charlevoix northern michigan
Rebecca Johnson resides in Charlevoix during the summer and fall, and the remainder of the year in Texas. She recently received a Pet Portrait diploma from London Art College, and has studied art both in school and from private instructors. Her specialty is pet portraits in oil or colored pencil. Working from a favorite photo you provide, she will capture the expression and character of your special pet and create a treasured keepsake. Her work also includes portraits of people, particularly children, as well as horses, cows, and wildlife.
For examples of her realistic drawings and paintings, please see her Facebook page: Pet and People Portraits by Rebecca.


Karen Allen Kimmell

Karen Kimmell painter Artists North
Karen began a serious interest in painting in 2008, after moving to Ann Arbor from Indiana. She has continued her artistic development in Northern Michigan since 2009, focusing primarily on oils and pastels. She has studied with a number of accomplished artists, including Dawn Caine, Ceasar Citraro, Margie Guyot, William Hosner, Cal Kemppainen, Elizabeth Pollie, Bob Rohm and Sally Strand. Karen feels blessed to live full time in Northern Michigan, surrounded and inspired by its unmatched natural beauty. It is a perfect setting in which to engage in plein aire painting, one of her favorite activities.


Cathleen C. Thayer

Cathleen Thayer painter Artists North
From childhood I’ve always loved to create. I work in watercolor, soft pastels, oil paints, and occasionally colored pencil. I am mostly self-­‐taught, though I have studied countless books on the subject of art. I believe my painting is a Divine calling and my inspiration is faith based, after a life changing encounter with Christ. Many times I have had spiritual visions and dreams and some have come with a strong urge to record the images in my artwork. This group of paintings are a series I call “ Inspired Visions”. I am continually adding to the series. Subjects I am passionate about is anything alive in God’s magnificent creation! Children, animals, florals, and landscapes is a good summary. My husband of 40+ years and I owned and operated “Evergreen Gallery” in Traverse City, MI from 2005 through 2014. We loved working with other artists. I am now enjoying painting full time. I have two adult children and three grand children, all loves of my life!


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  • Glory Wood
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  • Emily Beynon
  • Kathie Libert
  • Judy Mekkes
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  • Tyler Bier
  • Sharon Smithem
  • Ray & Tami Bier
  • Dan Smith
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