Glory Wood

Glory Wood Artists North

Glory Wood Artists North‘Everything I look at is a painting’. Perhaps that is why Glory Wood’s art is so versatile; no two pieces of her work are alike. Each one is a surprise, mirroring her passion for life and art.

‘When I paint, it’s an expression and celebration of my love of nature, of people and of Mother Earth herself.’

While Glory is a gifted teacher and counselor, it is in painting that she finds her ultimate inventiveness. Her work ranges from mystic water colors to impressionistic oils, from abstracts to portraits. ‘I love to approach a painting and let the spontaneity and intuitiveness flow along with the color, letting the imagery emerge from deep within.’

Glory’s palette is very unique. Her combination of colors is distinctive and striking and she paints with an enthusiasm that’s obvious. She paints what she loves.

She studied art in Massachusetts, Maine, California and Illinois under internationally known artists and has owned her own galleries in New Lebanon, N.Y., Houston, Texas, Taos, New Mexico and Petoskey, MI. Her paintings, serigraphs and giclee editions hang in public and private places throughout the United States and Canada. She has had several successful one-woman shows and has been teaching painting and drawing for many years. Her workshop ‘Releasing the Barriers to Creativity’, specializes in teaching students to find and develop the creative artist within.

Her work is presently shown at ‘Stafford’s Gallery of Art and History’, across from the lovely Stafford’s Perry Hotel, a historic landmark in beautiful downtown Petoskey, MI.,also at Round Lake Gallery, Charlevoix, MI. Glory, is presently Co-Director of Charlevoix Circle of Arts, in beautiful downtown Charlevoix.

Glory published a book , ‘For Art Lovers….The Secrets of Buying Art’ which will be presented shortly in a e-book or can be ordered on line.