Creative Jewelry Design

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Colored Pencil on Metal

[column-third-1] Colored pencil pendants[/column-third-1]

[column-third-2-3]5 hours.  Maximum six students. $75.00

Materials cost: $20.00 paid at time of class (Three copper discs, Prisma colored pencils, gesso and bail)

Bring a lunch.

We will focus on color theory and basic principles of design. You will practice blending Prisma Colored pencils on paper and I will demonstrate different techniques in blending with mineral spirits and how to add black and white to your design to make it “pop”. I will take you through the many steps needed to make sure the pencil adheres to the copper and is sealed and baked properly.

You will pierce a hole to the finished pendant and add a bail to it, ready to be hung on whatever necklace or chain of your choosing.[/column-third-2-3]


Colored Pencil on Metal with silver backing

[column-third-1]Colored pencil pendants [/column-third-1]

[column-third-2-3]4 hours. Maximum six students. $65.00

Materials cost: $35 Paid at time of class  (Sheet silver, silver wire and silver bail)

Bring a snack.

Prerequisite: Colored Pencil on Metal (five hour class)

Now that you have mastered the colored pencil on copper, you are ready to rivet it to a silver backing.

This class will teach you how to “design” a backing that will enhance your artwork. You will learn to “saw” the metal shape from a piece of sheet silver with a jewelers saw, first practicing on copper sheeting. We will discuss form and design for each piece. You will use stamps and abrasives to add texture and depth to the silver. I will show you how to ball the silver with a torch to make the fancy rivets and then rivet the copper to the silver backing. Finish off with a  lovely silver bail.[/column-third-2-3]


Flame Painted Copper Cuffs

[column-third-1]Torch painted copper cuffs [/column-third-1]

[column-third-2-3]3 hours. Maximum six students. $65.00

Materials cost: $20 paid at time of class (20 and 24 gauge copper bracelet blanks, butane fuel)

Bring a snack.

This fun class starts with how to fold form the 24 gauge copper and then anneal it with a torch.  I will show you how to anneal, unfold and then “flame paint” the copper into gorgeous blues, pinks, purples and greens using a butane torch. You can practice on copper scraps and I will show you how to “erase” and start over to create bold effects of streaks and circles. The possibilities are limitless and you will find yourself mesmerized by the flame and what it does to the copper. You will also learn how to place designs onto the blank copper bracelet base and then rivet the fold formed piece to the base. Finish off with turquoise guilders paste and renaissance wax to seal in the color and make it shine. [/column-third-2-3]


Lampwork “Festoon” Necklace

[column-third-1] Blue Lampwork Festoon[/column-third-1]

[column-third-2-3]3 hours. Maximum six students. $65.00

Materials cost: $30 paid at time of class (Disc lamp work bead sets in different color schemes for you to choose from)

Please call instructor a week ahead of time to order the color sets of beads….Blue, green etc.


You will learn how to make an aluminum or copper wire backing for holding the disc beads and embellishments to this whimsical festoon necklace. The combinations are endless and I will bring plenty of fancy adornments to be placed in between the disc shaped glass beads. We will talk about color and design in the process and each person will be given individual instruction as to how to create their individual work of art. We will focus on wire wrapping each individual element and how they play off of each other. The finishing touch will be adding a chain or ribbon of your choice so you can wear your creation home. [/column-third-2-3]


Byzantine Chainmaille Bracelet with Inlay Toggle

[column-third-1]jewelery classes at artists north

Maximum six students. $65.00

Materials cost: $110 (This includes all your silver jump rings and toggle)

Bring a snack 3 hours.

This is a big and bold byzantine sterling silver chainmaille bracelet with a gorgeous stone inlay toggle in sterling silver. I will demonstrate this timeless chainmaille weave that has been around for eternity. I will show you how to properly open and shut each link with flat nosed pliers provided in class. You will build each set of links until it fits your wrist and then attach your choice of inlay toggle and wait for the compliments from your friends.[/column-third-2-3]