Photography classes artists north Joe Clark

Photography classes artists north Joe Clark

Artists North Photography Classes

Our resident Photographer, Joe Clark, will be offering a selection of photographic classes throughout the year. From basic camera instruction to multiple day workshops, we can offer a good fit for you. Joe has been a practicing photographer for over 15 years, with experience in digital, film, large format, and point and shoot camera systems. His work ranges from grand landscapes to finite macro-photography. If you are looking to learn more about Joe and his work please visit his site Glass Lakes Photography.

Current Class offerings:

Monthly Critiques:

Critiques are held on the first Sunday of the month between 2 and 4pm. These two hour long sessions are open to the public, and free of charge. This is not a true class, but Joe will be present to moderate and set the pace of the session. Participants are encouraged to bring in their latest works for peer review. These works can be either printed or digital.

Camera Basics:

In the camera basics course you will learn the basic operation principle for all cameras. This course will be geared towards digital SLR cameras but the principals can be applied to film, mirror-less, and point and shoot cameras as well. This class is open to all students ages 15+, from novice to intermediate users recommended. This course is held on the second Saturday of the month, as interest permits. Registration is required.

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Camera Basics for Seniors

Camera basics for seniors will cover relatively the same material as the standard camera basics course. However this class will focus more on the use of automated camera functions for those who may lack the motor skill, visual acuity, or need to know the more detailed functions of the camera. This class will be held on the second Saturday of the month, in liue of the standard camera basics calss, as interest permits. Registration is required.

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Introduction to Photography Workshop

This workshop’s intent is to introduce, in an academic setting, the basic principals of photography. This course is for the beginning photographer who is knowledgeable in their camera’s functions and capabilities. This course is not intended to be an instructional class in camera operation. This workshop is intended to introduce artistic concepts and combine them with pre-existing technical skill. To get the most out of this workshop is recommended that the student use a DSLR camera, however any digital camera which can independently operate shutter speed and aperture will suffice.

This course will be a 2 day workshop. Students will learn basic compositional methods, will be given time to photograph, and participate in peer critique sessions. To focus on composition, as with classical education this will be a digital black and white workshop.

Current dates:    – July 18th and 19th. Registration is required.

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You will be contacted within the next few business days to select from available dates. 

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