Camera Basics Seniors

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Camera Basics for Seniors

Camera basics for seniors will cover relatively the same material as the standard camera basics course. However this class will focus more on the use of automated camera functions for those who may lack the motor skill, visual acuity, or need to know the more detailed functions of the camera.
This class will be held as needed on the first Saturday of the month, in lue of the other Camera Basics class. Please reference the calender. Please register here to indicate interest and you will be notified of the next available class.
We will touch on the following:
  • Basic camera care.
  • Scene modes.
  • Exposure.
  • Shutter timer, remote shutter.
  • Moving the photos onto the computer.
  • Social media uploading.
  • Backing up photos.
  • Adobe Lightroom Preview.
  • Alloted time for questions.

The cost of this class is $50 and is due before the class starts.