Artists North Art Center

Join A Thriving Art Center and Art Destination
Located on the Historic Inwood Corner, 6 Miles South of Charlevoix, MI on U.S. 31

Artists North Art Center is in its second year of building awareness among artisans and the public in establishing a working art center and unique high-quality gallery. The natural surroundings of the center engages customers into an art experience, allowing customers to stroll the grounds, view the gallery, purchase artwork and take classes. The gallery’s beautiful setting and its juried art promotes’ Artists North as an art destination for those customers seeking professional artwork and creative gifts. We continue to seek experienced artisans who are committed to making this goal happen. If you would like to exhibit your work and can provide time at the gallery, or would like to participate on our website www., please call 231-547-3520 to schedule time to meet. We look forward to meeting you.

Membership Overview
Members are juried by experience and quality of their work. We also consider the amount of time and commitment you plan to give the center. Artists North is marketed as a working art center. Those that can work the gallery, demonstrate on the property and participate with center functions will take first priority in the jury process. Artists that can meet our participation goals and level of commitment to make Artists North a success will be asked to commit for the year.

Basic Fee to Join
The cost to be a member is $125 yearly plus commission of art sold.
This includes your name placed on and one link to a participating art gallery or website.

Although we are open year round, we expect participation and working the gallery 2-days a month (24-days per year). There are three options to handling your time in the Gallery.

Option 1: Artists work 2-days a month for 12-months out of the year.
Option 2: Artists can work from June – October, scheduling in 24 days. You may consider a 4-day weekend from Thursday to Sunday. Other arrangements can be discussed.

The Member is in charge of finding a replacement for covering a scheduled day if you have to cancel. Member contact information is available to each artist to use as a call list in search of a replacement. Members should be flexible and available for each other if this happens.

Artists Directory – www.
A Great Value to Artists! (optional)
The cost to have a personalized webpage in the Artists Directory is $375 yearly.
Updates during the year will be an extra.

Your Artists Directory webpage includes placing up to 10-pieces of artwork, contact information and links to your participating galleries. This option is a great value and requires no commission fees unless the artwork sold is exhibited in the gallery.

Expectations of Artists North Members
• We expect all Artists North members to market the gallery, art classes and participate during demo days and events whenever possible. Your referrals are important and we ask everyone to market the center as much as possible. The more we commit to Artists North, the faster we reach our goals in selling art.

• We expect members to participate in an ethical manner. Art sales that are initiated (commission) or sold while demonstrating at Artists North, should be considered a commissioned gallery sale. Also, if artwork is exhibited in the gallery and you place it on your webpage through the Artists Directory and then sell it, this is considered a gallery sale (otherwise no fee is required).

Please consider the center’s expenses. The privilege of membership comes with the obligation to rightfully pay commission towards the Artists North Art Center. All members count in this relationship.

Marketing Your Work
The Artists North name or branded logo may be used on your marketing materials. Please contact the Center for the artwork and brand guidelines.

We look forward to meeting with you!

Kathie Libert, Director